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REI Project: Mod Chip

The Project to Reverse-Engineer a "Mod Chip"

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REI <==> Reverse Engineering, Inc.

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This is a project page intended for hardware engineers. While I try to make the information as easy to follow as I can, this isn't really a project for beginners. Working knowledge of chip programmers and hands-on experience are *required*, and I don't have the means (or the time) to instruct anyone who has never done any chip programming before. Therefore, please don't email me asking how to proceed with the basics of microcontroller coding and programming. Buy one of the many educational kits the microcontroller manufacturers offer and learn from there.

30-MAR-99 -- REI has a number of blank PIC12C508/9 circuit boards for sale. While developed for the original "Colormod", thse boards have extra jumpers and connection points to allow the board to be used as a general-purpose 8-pin PIC baseboard. Only US$5 each. Email for details.

14-FEB-05 -- Yes, almost six years later. REI is long since out of mod chip research, and instead concentrating on reverse-engineering of music synthesizers such as the Yamaha GX-1 and CS-80. I don't have any mod chip materials left. I've since moved on to totally different PIC projects using 18F6520s, dsPIC30F6012s and the like. SO, please, no mod chip emails--there are others who have taken up that task.

Some Other PIC Projects I've done (with free sources)
PIC Links courtesy of Dontronics. Be sure to check out his low-cost do-it-yourself PIC programmers; these are very close to the design of the REI programmer prototypes.

The Old Crow -- chip AT aeug DAUGHT org