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Other PIC Projects by the Old Crow

These links point to PIC assembly source files; what they are and how they work are commented into the sources. Some files may not be available immediately.

NOTE: Shift-click on the link to download as a file.

  • Digital White Noise Chip for music synthesizer and other applications.
  • 12 Note Octave Synthesizer. While it does not generate the top octave (need that Scenix 50MHz PIC to do that ^^), it does demonstrate how to create musical tones. There are several PIC programs I've coded in this series; future additions to this page will include gated oscillators, precision single-pitch oscillators with multiple duty cycle outputs, etc.
  • MIDI-to-Trigger Device, a 16C84 program to receive MIDI note messages and activate trigger outputs for various applications.
  • PIC-DOG(tm), a watchdog device for enhancing the reliability of embedded microcontroller applications.

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